The flights are aimed to enable Dutch nationals as well as residents of other European Union members and Schengen states to return home. It will depart Cape Town on June 17 and 20 (KL598) and Johannesburg on June 21(KL592).

Travellers wanting to book a seat can visit the website by searching for a one-way trip and specific date, or contact the call centre.

The airline revealed in a press statement: “During the booking process a link will be given to fill in a web form. You need to fill in the form for each passenger in your reservation. It is mandatory to fill in this web form.

“Please be aware that it is mandatory to submit the information required by the South African authorities.”

Flights will be closed for bookings five days before departure to submit all information to the South African authorities.

After the flight is closed for booking, KLM will send all passengers who have bought a ticket information about the process on the day of departure, the assembly point, how to get there, the schedule and other relevant info for the trip.

Only citizens of European Union*, the United Kingdom, Norway and Switzerland, holders of Residence permit for any of the European Union countries, United Kingdom, Norway or Switzerland and third-country residents (outside European Union countries + the United Kingdom + Switzerland + Norway) in transit in Amsterdam with a connecting flight to countries outside the EU Schengen area, with their luggage labelled through, will be allowed to travel.

This also includes foreign citizens married to European Union citizens issued with the appropriate visa for their destination, foreign citizens with Residence Permit for any of the European Union countries, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Norway, and Foreign citizens holding MVV (D-visa) for any of the European Union countries, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Norway.

The airline revealed it will take preventative measures to keep travellers safe. These include the use of masks, limited contact and the aircrafts being thoroughly cleaned and sanitised with approved disinfectants at least every 24 hours.

This article was first published on on 12 June 2020.

International visitors in South Africa who are concerned about the expiration of travel documentation are welcome to contact us for advice.