Planning a business trip to South Africa? Travelling for medical reasons, visiting family or wanting to study abroad? Whatever your reason, if you would like to stay in South Africa on a temporary basis for a prescribed period, we’ll assist you with your visa application.

 We also assist with visa extensions, visa renewal applications and temporary visa concessions if you wish to extend your stay.

In light of the coronavirus outbreak, Chinese visitors and workers on temporary residence visas may apply for temporary visa extensions until 31 July 2020. 


Visitor’s visa

  • A South African visitor’s visa is for international travellers who want to visit South Africa. It will allow you to visit the country for up to 90 days on holiday or for any other bona fide purpose.
  • A holiday visitor’s visa can be extended for another 90 days upon application from here in South Africa.
  • For volunteer work, research, sabbaticals, accompanying family members and other prescribed purposes, an extended visitor’s visa can be applied for up to 3 years.
  • An extended visitor’s visa can also be applied for to enable foreign spouses (married persons or life partners of citizens and permanent residents) to live in South Africa and it’s possible to be authorised to work and/or conduct business activities in terms of relaxed requirements.

Study visa
For students intending to study or extend their studies at primary, secondary, tertiary or other recognised institutions of learning. 

Exchange visa

  • Cultural, economic and social exchanges between higher educational institutions and government departments and bodies.
  • An exchange visa (with work authorisation) is also possible for foreign nationals who are younger than 25 years and who want to stay and work (in terms of relaxed requirements) in South Africa for up to a year.

Medical treatment visa
If you are receiving medical treatment or recovering from an operation, you’ll need a medical treatment visa.

Relative’s visa
Foreign spouses (married persons and life partners), parents and children of South African citizens and residents wishing to live in South Africa.

Work visa
If you desire a visa for critical skills work, general work or intra company transfer work.

Business visa
If you intend to invest in a business, start your own business or renew your business person status in South Africa.

Corporate visa & individual corporate worker visa
For corporate applicants, as well as corporate and/or seasonal workers.

Retired person’s visa
If you are in the process of or intending to retire in South Africa on a temporary or permanent basis, upon application it is also possible to be authorised to conduct work activities in certain instances.



2 weeks ago

Visa One

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is organising several repatriation flights from South Africa to various parts of Europe for Dutch nationals and other Europeans. If you are staying on in South Africa, and are concerned about the expiration of your travel documentation, please contact us for advice.
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3 weeks ago

Visa One

Lockdown not only affects international visitors, but also the locals in South Africa. How long will the cry of the people, whose self-employment has ground to a halt, go unheard, asks Thuli Madonsela? To read her open letter to President Ramaphosa, click here: bit.ly/2AUjTok
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2 months ago

Visa One

As South Africa is still under National Lockdown, our offices will remain closed until the Lockdown lifts. If you have visa related questions, you are welcome to contact us during this time:
Erik: 082 077 6007 or erik@visa-one.com
Angelique: 084 652 7471 or angelique@visa-one.com

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3 months ago

Visa One

There's no need to leave South Africa just yet! In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, temporary visa concessions have been granted for foreign nationals whose temporary residence visas are due to expire or have expired. We can advise and assist you with the paperwork, even during the lockdown (we are working remotely) - email us at info@visa-one.com.
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We comply with the Immigration Act and related regulation in South Africa. Our consultancy services are unavailable through government channels. The application forms used during the immigration process can also be collected free of charge at any relevant immigration office.



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